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Accordi di The cowboy outlaw di Dewan Brian
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The Cowboy Outlaw
by Brian Dewan
Gather 'round my children, and I'll tell a tale of woe
About a famous cowboy outlaw who lived a hundred years ago.
E C#m F#
Today his soul at last is resting peacefully in hell
G#m C#m D#m G#m
Though many years have passed away since through the gallows-trap he fell.
He was sitting propped up in a chair just after he was hanged
And they photographed his body as a distant churchbell rang.
A circus man was waiting with fifty dollars in his coat
And he bought the cowboy outlaw so he could have him in his show.
And very soon he was embalmed and toured from town to town
People paid to see the outlaw that they'd heard so much about
He stood before them with a pistol against a painted scene
The greatest cowboy outlaw that the world had ever seen
But in time he was forgotten and no one knew his name
And when he began to fall apart they took his booth away
They painted him with varnish and put a crown upon his head
Come and see the king of Egypt said the sign out front instead
Steve Nicholson, 74431.40(at) ...Continua:

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