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Tablature di Ship of fools di Plant Robert
Accordi chitarra crd lyrics tab spartiti chords testo tablature per Plant Robert Ship of fools (no suoneria cellulare telefonino)
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This song is all feel...well, tone helps too. Doug Boyle plays guitar on this
and creates an ethereal mood that is the key to the song.
It is best played with the fingers instead of a pick.
Set your amp to maximum clean with no compression (this will allow the
dynamics to sound right). Set your reverb to high and very little or no delay.
The intro is made up of little triads that should be pretty straight forward.
Don't rush it.
The verse continues to be sparse. You may need to add a few more notes in if
you don't have a keyboardist. Just follow the chords.
The solo is a masterpiece of maturity and feel. No shredding here. I have
notated certain notes in parentheses that are very quiet. Some are so quiet
that you could consider them implied. Once again maintain the mood. In bar
XX of the solo I have notated two bend and releases. These are actually silent
bends and releases with the notes pre-bent a half step and released to the
correct pitch...youUll get it when you hear it.
Ship of Fools
-Robert Plant
^ hammer-on or pull-off
() quiet note
/ slide
br bend & release

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